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The IAWCI Student Advantage:

Just because you are not a Well Control Instructor or Provider, doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from becoming an IAWCI student-member.  Many of our benefits are available to you as well.

Tutoring Services

As a student-member, you can check into the online tutoring classes and brush up on some of the areas you feel you need help remembering.  Whether it is the week before your scheduled class or the week of, IAWCI instructors are here to help.  We have Live Tutoring sessions as well as pre-recorded modules to assist.

Class Support

Tap into our library of classroom materials, online exam preparation tools, and accelerate to the head of the class and a leader on your team.

Advantage Library

Looking for that extra help for your research or professional needs?  Check out our extensive Advantage Library.   If you are hoping to move past the basics and learn more about how well control is handled in today’s industry, our library, subject matter experts and member network are here to help.

Become a Certified Instructor

Thinking about helping well control training from the inside-out?  Give us a call.  Our instructor training program encompasses more than just reading slides and hand-me-down training.  In our program, you will be sponsored by some of the industries best providers and given training in all areas of teaching. Even if you are not seeking certification as an IADC or IWCF instructor teaching Well Control, many of our instructor classroom facilitation, command and delivery skills will assist you in being a great adult-education trainer.  Wherever you are in your career, whatever it is that you want to do and wherever in the world you want to reach, IAWCI membership can help you get further down the path…welcome to your future.


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