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International Association of Well Control Instructors is a 501 (c) Non-Profit Educational Association

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  • 04/26/2021 2:32 PM | Steve Richert (Administrator)

    IAWCI in partnership with Well Control School (WCS), the University of Wyoming and West Virginia University hosted two college weekend well control classes in April.  A total of 19 students attended and have already been using their well control training in their current drilling classes.

    One student commented, "On a side note, just thought I'd mention, I recently took an exam in my drilling engineering course and pulled out my workbook and equation sheet from well control training. We were calculating the capacity between the drillpipe and casing, and inside the drill string.  Cool stuff!"

  • 04/26/2021 2:26 PM | Steve Richert (Administrator)

    As of 7 April 2021, the International Association of Well Control Providers (IAWCI) is an official member of the International Well Control Forum (IWCF).  The board of IAWCI looks forward to a productive partnership.  IAWCI assists well control training providers, instructors to improve their training methods through instructor training and student classroom learning tools.

  • 11/30/2020 8:58 PM | Ryan Hays (Administrator)

    Houston, Texas, December 1, 2020: IAWCI (International Association of Well Control Instructors) announced today a partnership with Rig Lynx, a specialized social network and provider of specialized marketing solutions for the oil and gas industry.  IAWCITM efforts are focused on improving the Oil and Gas Industry safety and environmental track record through improved Well Control training.  Working with the accrediting organizations, IAWCITM members, consisting of Instructors, Providers and Subject Matter Experts, are working to enhance well control training, bringing it current with today’s industry practices and challenges.  Through this partnership Rig Lynx will provide IAWCI with specialized digital marketing solutions and software development.

    “As we continue onward through this pandemic it is important that we support small companies and entrepreneurship as it is what drives our industry. Well Control Training is likely the most vital training that our crews closest to the well itself will ever receive. IAWCI is making it easier to get this done, streamlining the process and creating teams as they do it. We look forward to supporting IAWCI in their next steps and to be a valued business partner with them for many years to come” said Greg Williams, Rig Lynx Founder. 

    “As IAWCI continues to grow, we see this partnership to be integral to letting the industry know about what we stand for and what we are trying to accomplish. We know that many people are somewhat distrustful of what they do not understand and believe that Rig Lynx can give us the interactive connection we need to get that message out.” said Myke Howard, Board Member of IAWCI.

    Rig Lynx allows registered users the ability to connect to a patent pending network of “Open Networkers”. In May 2020 they released the Job Foundry which is an in-app talent management and resourcing tool that harnesses the features of the application to plan upcoming project needs in regard to personnel. Rig Lynx provides niche digital marketing, social media management, promotion strategies and content creation. Their sole mission is to connect people…simple.

    About IAWCI

    Formed by Instructors for Instructors to benefit the International Oil and Gas industry through consistent, accurate and current Well Control Training—Every Class. Every Time, EverywhereTM

    Based in Houston, Texas, IAWCITM membership includes European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and both North and South American individuals. 

    Visit us at for membership or email us at for more information as to how you can get involved.

    Media Contact:


    Toney Deer, IAWCI Board Member, Social Media Ambassador

    About Rig Lynx LLC

    Based in Houston, Texas, Rig Lynx’s mission is to connect people in the oil and gas industry by offering users professional networking opportunities through chat, messaging, and online services in a proprietary application. The community ensures relevance by using a special algorithm developed just for this application to assemble posts and shares for each individual member.  Rig Lynx differentiates itself with its exclusive focus on the oil and gas sector. The application is available for free download on iOS and Android mobile devices. Rig Lynx provides its partners with niche digital marketing, social media management, promotion strategies and content creation.

    For more information, visit or email

    Media Contact:

    Rig Lynx LLC

    Greg Williams



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